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Friday, November 4, 2011

Starting Over

We've lived out here in the Cedar Creek Lake area for about 2.5 months now and I miss all the fun we had playing with other families! I went ahead and started a sister group out here called "Cedar Creek Lake Fantastic Families". I only have one other family in the group right now and our only events so far are the story time at the library but, hopefully, we'll have a rockin' group soon! I love all my friends from the Metroplex but we just can't get out there often enough to hang out like we used to. I can't wait to have our first playdate at our new house!

We've got a ton of applications floating around right now and, chances are, I'll probably wind up working while Chad is a SAHD. He's currently in the process of finishing up his bachelor's degree and then he's heading to seminary for his M.Div. so he could really use the time at home to keep up with his studies. He's been doing great transitioning from an overworked father to a SAHD and I think he will do a wonderful job at home with Joshua by themselves. Hopefully, we can get this group up and going so he will have some fun things to do with Joshua during the day and maybe even meet some other SAHDs to hang out with!

Here are some photos from the first event at the library (I was the only one there):

Reading upside down.

YAY! Beads!!

Checking out the Audiobooks 
This one, Mommy!

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