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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just like old times

Shadow, Joshua, and me at the walk on Saturday
     We spent the night at my parent's lake house that's about 20 minutes or so from us now so in order to drop Chad off at our house and get to the Breathe Deep DFW walk before it started at 10, we had to wake up at 7:00. My mom made pancakes for breakfast and we were on the road by 8. We were in a rush so I had to feed Shadow her breakfast in the car on the way to Arlington. I got to the highway before I realized that I forgot my "camera (my old Blackberry Storm that I got service taken off of). Total facepalm.

     We got there around 9:45 and it was probably 10 by the time I got Jacob, Joshua, and Shadow out of the car and over to the event. I waited in line to pick up our shirts and headed over to the kid area to change since I had a tank top under my shirt. I took Joshua off my back and put Shadow's leash around my foot and proceeded to take off the shirt I was wearing and right as I was putting on the new shirt, Shadow decided to slip out of her harness and run off. I threw the new shirt on and chased her down; she was busy trying to make a new friend with one of the other dogs at the event. I get her back into her harness and start heading back to the kids area when I looked up and saw another one of the volunteers holding Joshua! In the excitement, I had completely spaced on the fact I took him off my back! Lucky for me, the kind lady grabbed him before he could run off. She actually said she was sorry for picking him up! I guess some psycho people have a problem with a kind soul helping them out, but definitely not me! I thanked her profusely and strapped Joshua on my back again. I met up with the Jewell family and was able to hang out with them for a little bit until Shadow decided she *had* to make friends with at the event. So we wandered around and she sniffed more butts than she ever dreamed of. I kept Joshua firmly suctioned to my back. Jacob jumped in the bounce houses, got his face painted, and made a wooden helicopter (courtesy of Home Depot). The walk started and so we headed down the path. We saw that they also had a petting farm set up (not a petting zoo because all the animals were farm animals). The kids checked it out for a little bit before we started back down the path. The weather was so beautiful this year. Last time, it was so cold! We had a pleasant walk and arrived back at the main area where they were serving Jason's Deli sandwiches and cake. We ate then the kids took off for the bounce houses again. Daddy Jewell was kind enough to offer to hold Shadow for me so Joshua would get to stretch his legs a bit. He had so much fun in the bounce house!

     After the walk, we headed to a birthday party for the youngest 2010 baby in the playgroup. Since it was at a park and I didn't have anywhere to leave Shadow, she tagged along. Luckily, it wasn't a problem; the hosts had even brought one of their dogs! We had more sandwiches and cake and got to enjoy the company of a bunch of our playgroup friends. 

Building a sand castle
Joshua the Giant

Jacob spent most of the time in the sandbox while I grabbed Lucy's camera and went to town taking pictures. Have I mentioned how much I miss having a real camera? The birthday girl totally enjoyed her cake and presents. Joshua got to spend a bit more time off my back until he decided that it would be fun to run towards the street repeatedly so he had to go on the back again. I had him strapped on while I did a little photo shoot of Lucy and her kids. I kind of felt the need so since it was her camera I totally stole :P 

I really miss being able to hang out with everyone as often as we used to. I definitely can tell it's been a while since I've had a busy day like that. I am so sore today! Chad got a seasonal job and has to stay the night in the Metroplex so he can pick up the uniform tomorrow, so no massage for me until tomorrow, at least :*( I guess I'll just have to take a nice, hot bath instead.

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