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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't be jealous

We were doing our grocery shopping and totally fell for the center display that had Andes Peppermint Crunch baking chips along with assorted other baking things. I HAD to get them!

I was checking out the back and it had a recipe for some awesome looking cookies. They looked good and I figured Jacob and I could make some.

click to see a larger version
Are you kidding me? aside from the awesome peppermint chips, it's got brown sugar, oats, coconut, and pecans? Oh yeah, we definitely needed to make these. We picked up the ingredients we didn't already have and headed home. While the pizza we were having for dinner was baking, we started working on the cookies. Jacob may just open a bakery when he grows up!

He's a pro with the mixer

Cracked the shell in the cookies!
Looks gross...smells AWESOME!
We made a bit of a mess, but that's one of the best parts about baking!

First batch is in the oven!

We got the first batch in the oven. Oh Em Gee...the house was filling with the most wonderful mixture of peppermint, vanilla, and coconut aroma. This was the longest 18 minutes of our lives! We had the second batch on the other cookie sheet ready to go. Jacob put them in while the first batch was cooking.

I couldn't believe it...they even looked as good as the picture on the bag!
Your mouth is watering, I know

These cookies were so, so, so, so, so good! Plus this recipe makes so many cookies! Chad's in the process of joining a motorcycle club out here so I told him to bring the leftover cookies to the meeting tonight. I can't wait to hear how it went!

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