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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tweaking the System

Any of my friends can attest that I lead a very crazy two days are the same! I'm finding it hard to keep up with the FlyLady routines. In order to combat this, I'm instituting a new system where I make a big to do list for the next day rather than having a recurring routine. Here's what tomorrow looks like now:

Get dressed
Swish & Swipe
Brush teeth/hair
Make bed
Load laundry
Drink a bottle of water
Check calendar
Drop off Jacob
Meet new playgroup member for breakfast
Drink a bottle of water
Laundry to dryer
Eat lunch
Rake the leaves
Sweep living room
Pick Jacob up from school
Pump for Jessica
Put away laundry
Make dinner (spaghetti)
Check calendar for Thursday
Lay out clothes
Necessities at launch pad
2 min Hot Spot Rescue
Shine Sink
Brush teeth
Go to bed

If I find extra time, I'll do a 15 min declutter mission and a 27 fling boogie on my clothes.

I hope that this will work to keep me on track!

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