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Monday, October 24, 2011

Teasing the Dog


The house we purchased was a foreclosure. Needless to say, it sat empty for quite a while before we were able to buy it and move in. In the time it was unoccupied, the neighbors' cats decided to claim it for themselves. They'd lounge around in our backyard, sleep on our front porch, and only seemed to go home to eat. Now that we have Shadow, they don't hang out in the backyard as much, but when they do and Shadow chases them out, they make it a point to tease her because she can't jump the fence. The other day, Chad told me to grab my camera (phone) and get some photos. Naturally, Shadow chased them out but once they got over the fence, they seemed to think it would be funny to lay as close to the fence as possible and stare at her while she tried to dig under the fence to get to them.
They're thinking, "HAHAHA...Stupid dog!"

Working on a hole.

Trying to climb the fence.

I'm starting to think the cats might be right...

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