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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crazy Tuesday

Yesterday was one of my more insane days. Dropped Jacob off at school and came home and waited for my sisters. My big sister took my little sister and I out to celebrate my birthday, which was a few weeks ago. We had a great time checking out BuyBuyBaby, a Christmas store, and Bed Bath and Beyond all by the Galleria and we had lunch at Olive Garden *yummy*. Got home and we immediately had to drive all the way out to south of Downtown Fort Worth to pick up DH's paycheck (that's a long story in itself) and we made it to IHOP a half an hour before we were having a group dinner there. We were able to get some tables set aside before anyone else arrived and we had a great time with our friends. The elderly couple on the other side of the divider didn't seem to appreciate the fact that we had children there, but when a restaurant has "Kids Eat FREE" written all over the outside of it, you gotta expect that there are going to be kids there. We managed to keep the boys to "indoor" volume, but that didn't stop the old guy from giving us dirty looks. He even complained to the wait staff at one point, but the waiters didn't feel the need to talk to us about it, so they must have agreed that he was overreacting a bit. Then I totally spaced on the fact that I was supposed to go out with Lucy. I was so embarrassed when I got a call from her wondering where I was! Fortunately, she forgave me and we will try to have a Moms' Night Out again soon.

On sad note, please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. My paternal grandfather has been in the hospital and has taken a turn for the worst. His gall bladder has failed and his body is in septic shock. He has declined any aid except for pain prevention, so he is likely to pass away any day now. We are in the process of saving up some money so the boys and I will be able to attend his funeral. I was unable to attend my paternal grandmother's funeral and I haven't seen that side of the family since Jacob was a baby.

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