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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Recap: May 30-Jun 5, 2011

So I've given up on the whole Super Saturday thing since I don't usually get to it until Monday or Tuesday :/ Instead I'll do a weekly recap.

We went to Memorial Day at Flagpole Hill where the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performed a free concert that was followed by a fireworks display! Parking was atrocious, but it was well worth it for this great event.

When we got home from the fireworks, Jacob said he wasn't feeling very well and proceeded to throw up, so we stayed home all day Tuesday. He said he was feeling better, but we didn't want to risk spreading it if it was contagious. 

Jacob was still feeling good on Wednesday, so we went to another free concert. This time, we saw Eddie Coker at Levitt Pavilion in Arlington. The pavilion has free concerts all summer long and Wednesdays are for kids!

We love going to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History! Spent all day playing there and then we went to watch a friend's T-ball game and played at their house afterwards.

We dropped DH off at work and then headed south of Fort Worth for a playdate. Since we were so early (an hour and a half), we stopped by Bicentennial Park in Crowley to play at their splash pad. The boys has a great time splashing around! We played at our friend's house for a few hours then headed to another friend's place before going to pick up DH from work. 

One of our friends invited the group over to catch fireflies and snack on s'mores. The kids had a blast and caught so many fireflies!

Worked the nursery and then we went to Bring Your Horde Family Festival at the Irving Art Center. We learned about gers, which are the type of houses the Mongols live in. We learned how to weave and how to make stamps. Jacob got to try out a mini trebuchet. It was so hot!! We managed to make it for 3 hours before heading to Grandma and Grandpa's house to play in their new above ground pool.

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