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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Recap: Jun 6-Jun 12, 2011


We hung out at home cleaning and what not. Jacob's working on learning some sight words. I'd love for him to pick up a few by the end of summer, but he doesn't seem too terribly interested in it. My sister was supposed to be induced this evening, but they ran out of beds and told her to call back in the morning.


My sister called the hospital early in the morning and they said they had a room for her. My mom dropped my nephews (ages 5 and 3) off at my place and headed to the hospital herself. The boys and I headed to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens to play with a member of our group. They had a ball (literally) until a security guard informed us that balls are not allowed in the gardens because of the risk of them bouncing into the flowers and ruining them. They still had fun running around in the big field area and enjoyed a snack courtesy of our friend (thanks again!). As the temperature heated up, we thought it best to leave. We packed up and headed to the new BuyBuyBaby in Hurst. If you've never heard of it before, it's like a Bed Bath and Beyond for infants. And it should be, since Bed Bath and Beyond owns BuyBuyBaby. Unfortunately, they only had one style of Big Brother shirts in the store and they left much to be desired. So we shooted on over to the Babies R Us down the street and I found some cute Big Brother shirts on the Under $5 clearance rack plus they were having BOGO 50% off for clearance items. One was listed at $4 and the other was $2.25 (not sure why they were different). Unfortunately, they were 2T and 3T and had long sleeves. After trying them on the boys, I determined that by removing the sleeves, they would probably work out well so I picked them up. Hey, for under $6 for two shirts, I could do a little manual labor! By this time it was around 2:00 and my sister had been receiving pitocin for about 5 hours. She was 5 cm and completely effaced so we headed to my parents' house so we'd be closer to the hospital. I had the boys take a nap while I went to work removing the sleeves from the shirts. By 3:45, she was measuring 8-9 cm so I took the boys and headed up to the hospital. Apparently, that last bit of cervix was being very stubborn. After a few hours, the boys were getting restless so my dad took them back to my parents' place to play. At around 8:45, the doctor was getting concerned about the stress on the baby and basically said that if she wasn't completely dilated by the time they get finished with another woman's c-section, she would have to have one herself. at 9:05, my mom came out and told us they were prepping her for surgery. As she was getting prepped, she gave her husband the look of defeat. She did NOT want a c-section. He asked the nurse to check her one more time...she was fully dilated! At 9:35 PM, after 12.5 hours of labor, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy 7 lb, 12 oz baby boy. They didn't have a name for him yet, but he was perfect.



I spent my morning with my sister, brother-in-law, new nephew, and Joshua. My wonderful mother had taken all three older boys to play in their pool. Around lunchtime, I headed to my parents' place to grab some lunch and take over boy duty. I got a call...they decided to name him Adrian Javier. The nephews stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the night and I took my boys home.


The boys and I went to Pantego's Bicentennial Park to play in the wading pond. It's one of Jacob's favorite playdate locations. We had lunch at CiCi's and went back to my parents' house to play while we waited for my sister and nephew to be discharged. My mom dropped me off at the hospital so I could drive them home and again, watched the boys, this time, it included Joshua (I know, I know, she's the best). We hung out at their house for a while before heading home.



Exhausted from the insanity that was the past few days, I took the day to try and rest. I'm not sure why I was so tired, I'm not the one who just gave birth! Unfortunately, this meant I missed out on an awesome event. A local radio station was allowing people to go to a local water park at a crazy discount. Based on the photos my friend posted, it was definitely something I would have loved. Oh well.


The Fort Worth Babywearers had their first ever DFW Parenting Extravaganza. The DFW Cloth Diaper Group showed up in full force and we had a pretty good number of members from DFW Fantastic Families, too! Jacob really enjoyed playing with the display items from Discovery Toys and I had a blast checking out all the local vendors. At one point, I had Jacob on my back in the Ergo, which was quite amusing.


It's Pentecost...aka the birthday of the Christian Church. Our church asks the members to wear red on Pentecost every year so Jacob and I donned our Texas Rangers AL Champions shirts. We missed the breakfast they had, which is really unfortunate as the church's "Breakfast Club" does a great job. My little sister brought her new baby to get his birthday blessing and my aunts (Joshua's godmothers) got to meet him for the first time. We came back home and have just been chillin' all day. Did the dishes and the diaper laundry...nothing too terribly exciting.

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