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Monday, May 9, 2011

Super Saturdays 5/9/2011

We went to the National Train Day event at Union Station in Dallas. Our local PBS station, KERA, hosted the event along with the Museum of the American Railroad. They had an electric model train and had a projector playing Dinosaur Train. They were giving away a free Dinosaur Train book to each of the first 400 families and Amtrak was giving away a free trip on their train. They had a balloon artist that was making really cool dinosaur and dragon balloon animals, but at $3 a pop (pun intended), we decided to pass. We also got to check out one of the museum's train cars. The rooms were really small and the hallways were even smaller! I couldn't imagine riding this thing across the country. I guess they didn't have blackwater tanks back then because there was a sign that said that the toilets dropped their waste right onto the track! After we checked everything out, we headed over to Subway and got lunch. Joshua LOVED the turkey from my sandwich. Then we decided to head to the fountain across the street from Union Station to let the kids play. They had so much fun! There were a bunch of other kids playing in the fountain, too, but they all came and went and we were still there. We ended up being in Dallas from 11 am to almost 6 pm. Jacob said he was really tired so I threw him in the Ergo for the walk back to the parking lot; boy was that a workout! Luckily, the weight was distributed to my legs and not my back so I don't have any back pain today, but my legs are SORE! My camera is still MIA, but I did get one photo of Jacob in the fountain.

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