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Saturday, February 5, 2011

8 days

That's how long it had been since I went to my parents house the night before my flight until I made it home. 8 crazy days! Joshua did an awesome job on all flights, and only ever had issues when we were waiting to get off the planes. It was so wonderful to see my dad's side of the family again, even if it wasn't the happiest of circumstances. Dummy that I am, I forgot my camera. D'OH!

It was so strange to leave 40 degree Seattle on Tuesday and arrive to -14 degree Colorado and then make it home to 10 degree DFW covered in ice! We went to my parents' house after the flight and Chad had a spa day planned for me. It was an adventure, let me tell you! It was a nice relaxing end to the crazy weekend I had just gone through, or so I thought. We wound up staying at my parents' house and last night was the first time I had been home since I left last Friday. Let me tell you, it's good to be home! Here are some pictures since my last post:

We hadn't seen the sun since arriving in Seattle, but it came out on the day we left:


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