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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boo at the Zoo FAIL

We went to Boo at the Zoo today. We were having a great time, they had tons of fun stuff to do. Jacob was having a blast playing the games and chatting with the clowns when there was a monsoon! We were doing fine since we were in these giant tents. Then, apparently one of the higher ups made the decision that the tents weren't safe and everyone had to evacuate...into the torrential downpour! So I tell Jacob to get in the wagon (it has a canopy) and I have Joshua in the Ergo Sport with the hood up and we head out into the rain. While I'm in the midst of the crowd leaving, my flip flop decides to break. We start heading towards the entrance and notice that everyone seems to be going inside the MOLA. I get in the line that's going up the ramp since I've got the wagon. Joshua is SCREAMING at this point, because the rain has soaked through the polyester blend carrier. We finally get to the doors and people are coming up the stairs and CUTTING ME OFF. Hello! I have a screaming baby and you think YOU'RE more important? We finally get inside and I find a place to park the wagon. I took Joshua out of the Ergo and stripped his ghost gown off. Only the top portion seemed to be wet, thank goodness. I wrapped him up in a blanket and he calmed down right away. When the rain cleared up, we headed out. Basically, I had spent $32 for two hours at the zoo and we only saw 4 animals. What a great first trip to the zoo for Joshua, huh?

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