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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekly Recap: Jun 27-Jul 3, 2011

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I called up the broker and..... we were out bid :*( I dealt with the emotion of this for a while and then started looking at houses again. Then I realized that we already had a backup house and the deadline to submit a bid for it was that night! I called the broker back up and she submitted the bid for us. 


The broker called me and....WE GOT THE HOUSE!!! I'm so glad that we got an awesome deal on a great place. May not have been our first choice, but it's still a really good house. We met with some other homeschoolers at Fair Park. Jacob had a blast playing in the fountain near the Texas Discovery Gardens. It's really too bad we probably won't be able to hang out with these awesome families again :*( That evening, we went out to the broker's office to sign the bid contract and celebrated with dinner at Denny's. We are so excited!


Went to the last Children's Summer Concert Series event at Levitt Pavilion. We got to meet The Biscuit Brothers, although Jacob was more interested in playing in the water (as usual). We spent the rest of the day recovering from the heat...and it was HOT at the concert!


Jacob and I got started getting rid of stuff that we weren't going to bring with us to the new house. We had dinner at my parents' house along with my little sister and her family. We had some awesome steaks, corn, salad, and baked mashed potatoes. The boys all had a great time playing in the pool with Grandpa. Also, Joshua turned 9 months! Look at my big boy!!


More packing. We have so much junk that we need to get rid of! I can't wait to be in our new house with only stuff we "absolutely love and use just quite regularly". We're donating a ton of clothes.


Had an awesome time at Jehan's house for an Independence Day BBQ. There were so many babies!! Of course, Joshua's girlfriend, Jessica, was there along with a bunch of our other friends from the playgroup. How can you not enjoy TX BBQ and a slip-n-slide on a hot summer day?


Worked the nursery in the morning and then I was able to get a great shot of Joshua's top teeth. He's starting to look a little like Goofy. HYUCK!

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